Daily Hire | Bristol Shopmobility can help
You have been amazing. Mom has visited. We have had a wonderful visit. Service has been excellent.  Thank you so much for your kind help.

Daily Hire

If you want to hire equipment for just a few hours to get about town you can do just that.  You will need to register with us.  This requires you to fill out a short form and produce some documentation to prove who you are.  If you have something such as a driving licence, passport or blue badge this will do just fine.

Once you’ve filled out the form you are registered with us and won’t need to produce ID again on subsequent visits.  We will go through a short questionnaire with you to establish how experienced you are at using mobility equipment and, to enable us to match you with the right equipment, ask some personal details e.g. height and weight.  If you are unsure about anything we will provide training.

Once both you and our staff are happy that you can operate the equipment the City is yours.  You can use the equipment from 10 o’clock in the morning and it must be returned to our Cabot Circus Unit by 4.30 pm.

Daily Hire | Ring ‘n Ride

Ring ‘n Ride

If you are unable to get to our Cabot Circus Unit which is based on the ground floor of the car park then we can come to meet you.  We will meet people anywhere within the Broadmead/Cabot Circus area, including the Bus Station.  This is known as our “Ring ‘n Ride” Service.  If you just give us a ring beforehand we can meet you at a prearranged spot at an agreed time.  You could even ring us while you’re on your way into town so you have more of an idea about a good time to meet.  Then just before you finish your shopping give us another ring and we’ll meet you again to collect our equipment.  If you put our number into your mobile it will make meeting you so much easier.